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The EforArt  Formation was established by GKP.HU - the guidance of Ali Saghati. Since the earliest days the mission of the Formation has been to focus on and professionally represent progressive art in Europe and abroad.

The EforArt is managing  young artists who are progressive and are not afraid to experiment in different media.

The EforArt’s pursuit is based on a circle of collectors, who follow the international contemporary art tendencies and trends, and are open to new, forward thinking innovations as well as to non-traditional media.
Under Ali Saghatis  care the EforArt has extended its portfolio with new young artists, and among their intentions is to achieve a firm presence in the international art scene.
He believe that EforArt can play an important role in representing contemporary art internationally, and he is ambitious to do his share the best he can.
Furthermore the EforArt staff finds the endeavors to re-new the international fine-art scene a significant matter. They support and or initiate projects that aim to re-consider the conventional routine of the art world and to improve the position of contemporary art in the European culture.