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Our services are available to individuals, companies, museums, non-profit organizations, civil organizations as well as local governments. In the area of contemporary fine art and within various cultural fields we offer:

1. counseling
on the acquisition of artworks
on the establishing of collections
in the developement and maintenance of collections
on legal matters of purchasing, collecting and selling works of art
in the organizing and building of art organizations and institutions
2. assistance and guidance for European museums and art centres
regarding information on contemporary Hungarian art
presentations on contemporary Hungarian art
assistance with curatorial work
organization of field trips to Hungary
participation in research programmes
planning and arranging exchange trips
3. handling art collections
creating databases
editing and publishing catalogues
editing and publishing websites
public relations
4. full management of projects and/or related duties
organizing exhibitions
writing, editing and publishing publications
creating and editing websites
public relations of cultural projects
5. services related to the field of art theory
planning, editing and arranging educational programmes
organising and arranging conferences, symposiums and workshops